Course Code: 004

Who does it aim?

This private program aims executives with a beginner level of Spanish that have just arrived in Lima. It will facilitate the first weeks of their new life in this city by learning the essentials of everyday Spanish.

This Spanish course will also help students get around the city, learn where things can be found and understand how everyday life in Lima works. Being the accelerated, regular or complete modality, students will learn Spanish quickly in order to handle tasks that require the use of the Spanish language within days.

This Immersion Spanish lessons are also available online. Trial Spanish classes may be requested for free.


Unit ID Level Duration
001 I ACCELERATED 2 DAYS (8 hours per day)
002 II REGULAR 4 DAYS (8 hours per day)
003 III COMPLETE 6 DAYS (8 hours per day)

This Spanish program covers:

  • 1. Introductions and greetings.
  • 2. Alphabet, correct pronunciation and intonation.
  • 3. Time and numbers. Currency exchange.
  • 4. Jobs and important documents.
  • 5. Invitations, appointments and events.
  • 6. The city, travel and vacations.
  • 7. Foods, drinks and restaurants.
  • 8. Health and illnesses.
  • 9. Emergency situations.
  • 10.General information of Peru
*Ask for a free trial Spanish class.